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For the over-60s this “new retirement” is an exciting time in life, with many enjoying the best financial circumstances and purchasing power they have ever had.   They feel poorly understood by brands and yet excited and hopeful that the world will change to suit them as they change too.  So this year Starts at 60 is working together with both over-60s and brands to ‘reinvent retirement’ in everyone’s eyes.
It’s their turn!

Australia's number 1 mature market media brand

Mumbrella’s Media Brand of the Year for 2017.  Finalist in 2016 and 2018 too. 

is Australia and New Zealand’s largest and most engaged media brand for the over-60s.  The platform reaches more than one in two digital-using over sixties each month.

We’ve grown Starts at 60 to be much more than daily media, growing a membership club with consumer commerce and more than 100 community meetups a month;  a powerful health section, The Starts at 60 Health Club; and a respected consumer finance section, The Starts at 60 Money Club.

inspires the most valuable travel segment in the country to get up and go, with our influential Travel at 60 media voice and amazing travel deals.

Working with Australia’s most respected travel operators we package Australia’s over-60s great deals with our packaging team, placing their bookings on both package and FIT holidays via our inhouse travel agency and promote them on our websites, emailers and social media.

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Meet some of our awesome clients & partners

Many of Australia’s largest brands and their agencies work with us in partnerships and campaigns.  Each uses a unique mix of advertising, brand influence, influencers, sponsored content, native, email, audience targeting and path to purchase tools. Some of our current and recent clients include:

Our ecosystem

Starts at 60 is the number one digital destination for mature Australians, widely respected as the tier one digital brand for the over-60s. We’re the daily source of talkback news, inspiration, thought leadership and expert insights fuelling this emerging generation with conversation that defines what it means to be a digital-savvy baby boomer today.  Starts at 60 was Mumbrella’s Media Brand of the Year 2017. 

Travel at 60 combines our powerful media platform, and an online/offline travel marketing company dedicated to the over-60s.  We make inspirational media, moving the hearts and minds of the over-60s, and sell travel online and off in curated packages. 

Travel at 60 was shortlisted for Mumbrella’s Travel Publication of the Year 2018 and is again shortlisted in 2019.

The startsat60.club is our membership and community platform of the Starts at 60 network, with 180,000+ members; nearly 100 nationwide meetups per month, incredibly engaged Facebook interest groups. 

The Club delivers a path to purchase for advertisers looking to promote deals, events,  and activities especially curated to offer better value to our widespread and loyal community.

Our Starts at 60 Money Club is packed with thought leadership, education and relevant financial news content published daily and weekly. It offers a regular custom-curated emailer distributed to our community; an active and growing Facebook group packed with retirees contemplating their financial needs and a panel of experts engaged to guide the community with regular opinion editorial.The Money Club is designed to help over-60’s reconsider every part of their everyday finances and investments as they head into and live in retirement.

Our Starts at 60 Health Club is here to help over-60’s prevent common health issues, understand their age related and chronic health complaints and stay up to date with the latest research and information emerging on health and wellbeing for over-60s.

Our health club is an everyday part of Starts at 60’s content. It is a video, article, emailer, Facebook Group and widespread community program with a range of expert contributors.

The latest Census data in Australia reveals the over-60 population will reach 25% of our nation's 24 million people by 2020

We asked our community of more than 1.3 million people ...

We surveyed our community of digital savvy baby boomers to better understand their behaviour and their thoughts.  Then we asked some of Australia’s most respected marketers addressing this segment for theirs.    Our latest report, Reinventing Retirement: The Baby Boomer Playbook gives you a powerful look at the job we all need to do to reinvent retirement together. 


of over-60s surveyed feel brands don't understand them and their needs.


researched online before a significant purchase.


said they were comfortable switching brands either sometimes or most of the time.


admitted to either not watching commercial TV anymore, or pre-recording and fast forwarding through the advertisements.

Then we asked the country's best marketers addressing over-60s

Lift your game young hip marketing types, baby boomers in retirement have a bucket-load of cash to spend and they expect to be pandered to just as enthusiastically as are the younger segments.

Bernard Salt - Managing Director, The Demographics Group

Make sure what you take to market is authentic and well thought through, and don’t fall into the trap of treating all seniors the same.

Stephen Gook, General Manager Sales & Marketing, AVEO

This emerging generation of people is actually a whole new demographic which hasn’t fully been understood as yet.

Neil Herlihy - Head of Customer Segments, Westpac Group

For many baby boomers, retirement means finally doing the things they’ve longed for – like travelling or finding new hobbies. For marketers, this means changing the dialogue from helping them to ‘wind down’ to supporting their next adventure.

Amy Byrne - Senior Marketing Manager Consumer Segments, Vodafone

Baby Boomers control more than 80% of financial assets and half of all consumer spending. They buy 70% of prescription drugs, 61% of over-the-counter drugs and 80% of leisure travel. [Nielsen 2013]

Research and insights from the Starts at 60 team

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