Why are we reinventing retirement in 2019?

Retirement is like a giant adventure to today’s Baby Boomer. They feel excited, afraid, relieved and nervous about this new stage of life that has emerged in the last few years. And they have no role models to emulate as they explore it.

So we’re taking up the challenge to help them reinvent their retirement, in partnership with brands who feel the same way.

In kicking off the reinventing retirement program, we asked our community to tell us about themselves, how they live their lives, how they feel about their retirement, and how they want to live in the future. (And we made this fantastic piece of research)

One thing most Baby Boomers really do recognise is that they don’t want a retirement like their parents’ had. Nor do they want to throw the idea of retirement out the window. Instead, they want to mould their own version of retirement into a sexy, satisfying and exciting way of life that others can envy.

So do we.

So in 2019, that’s what Starts at 60 are doing, and we invite you to work with us to help our community reconfigure their definition of retirement, understand the changes they want to make, and help them find the information, satisfaction, and pathways they need to take to act on it.

This year we’re reinventing retirement from top to bottom, in partnership with our community and with brands. We’re helping them understand every facet of what a new-world retirement can be, and guide them on their journeys of discovery. We’re bringing them more! More financial security, better health, more travel, better understanding of technology, greater mobility, more trust for suppliers, and ultimately, a more satisfying life for the years ahead.

After all, in our community’s eyes this, the best stage of their life yet started when they hit 60!


Download Reinventing Retirement: The Baby Boomer Playbook now here
The report is a powerful overview of Australia’s ‘wired retired’ which draws on the results of our recent Reinventing Retirement Consumer Survey and generous contributions from some of the best marketers directly working with this segment in Australia.  

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