Travel at 60 one year on – What an adventure!

Starting a travel company from scratch in just eight weeks is no mean feat and this time last year, that’s what the team at Starts at 60 had just done. It could have been an enormous disaster in the making but a year on, I’m pleased to report – it sure wasn’t.  

Travel at 60 is one year old today! It’s a whole 12 months since we first we turned on the phones and put the website live. In that time, Travel at 60 has built a six-day-a-week call centre (that’s running smoothly, touch wood), become a preferred supplier to some of Australia’s biggest travel brands (including Princess Cruises, Cunard and AAT Kings), booked thousands of cruises, tours and package holidays and grown revenue by an amazing 40 per cent month-on-month

Our team of media, travel, marketing and tech professionals has never been more focused on serving the needs of Aussie over-60s, which can be seen through our great website user-experience, unique holiday packages curated in-house, travel deals that really move because they’re seriously good value, and emailers that inspire, educate and prompt action. 

Travel at 60 is not just a travel company, it’s also a community where people find travel buddies, solo deals and new places to explore. Just like we dreamed. The growth curve has been astonishing and well and truly proves that 60-year-olds want to buy travel, and be served digital first.  

Today I celebrate our wonderful customers, our team, our travel and media partners, our investors and our tourism board and campaign clients. We couldn’t have imagined being so successful so quickly and it’s because of all of you that we are.    

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I know it seems cheesy, but those of you who have started a business or a division will appreciate how important it is to celebrate the milestones along the way – big and little.  So, I wanted to share some of the highlights of our first year with you. (Hopefully they make you smile).  They include: 

·         Opening our call centre, putting the website live, sending our first product email waiting for the phones ring on the first day (they did, and the cheer that went out across the building was both celebratory and relieved!)

·         Making our first sale, also on our first day (more cheers, louder than the first)

·         Our first major group cruise departure of 120-plus Travel at 60 community members on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth

·         Celebrating our capital raise to grow Travel at 60 beyond its first three months and at a faster rate

·         Our first newspaper ad – yep, real print, not bad for a digital company (and, subsequently, our first phone call from a customer who didn’t have a computer or an email address and wanted to visit the building to make their booking – whoops!)

·         The launch of our first national television advertising campaign (on Channel 7) – featuring much-loved Australian comedienne Jean Kittson.  Such a huge moment of pride for all of us as Jean is purrfect for us.

·         Watching Ash Barty’s Wimbledon final on Channel 7 final and seeing our ad appear  (thank you, Seven team!)​

Seeing our first ‘Travel at 60 Sale’ smash single-day lead, call and sales targets

·         Ordering pizza for lunch during some of our earliest flash sales because the team was so inundated with calls, they couldn’t leave their desks (we did encourage toilet breaks :-))

·         Receiving emails and calls from delighted Travel at 60 customers who returned their holidays to book second and third trips with us.  

·         Our first tour departure on the Travel at 60 Fraser Island Adventure, with the adventurous over-60s happy to wear their Travel at 60 hats at dinner, with a beer in hand, of course

·         Hitting the big year-old milestone today as a group that we only dreamed of a year ago, looking back on the evolution of our media company into a consumer business that puts 60-pluses at the fore.

I have to say an enormous thanks to everyone who has been involved in our journey.  This is just the beginning!  

Warmest regards

Bec Xx

Rebecca Wilson
CEO, Starts at 60 and Travel at 60

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